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Things to do in the Cabardès in the South of France
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             Cabardès wineVine yard
      A geologist's dream, a
   balance of east and west,
 the sun and the coolness the
 heathland and the mountain.


The Languedoc-Roussillon is the largest wine growing area in the world. 

You won't find a better region in France for wine tasting- the wines here are
not only good, they're also very interesting.
The Cabardès is the only label to blend a minimum of 40% of Atlantic grapes - Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc - a minimum of 40% of Mediterranean grapes - Syrah, Grenache - and a maximum of 20% of Cot and Fer Servadou grapes. This makes an original, balanced, harmonious wine
with a rich colour.
       October grape harvest
  A return to the old tradition
            of using horses. 
A few ideas to tempt you!  
Carcassonne has 2500 years of history and has the privilege of having two UNESCO World Heritage sites
carcassonne n072 copyright paul palau1 canal du midi2  lastours 1 Chateau Saissac
‘La Cite’ a fairy-tale 
medieval castle 
at Carcassonne  35 mins
  The Canal du Mid 241 km long, a    great engineering feat of the 17th                  century 15 mins
The Medieval Cather castles of Lastours and Saissac
with their panoramic views
15 & 20 mins 
languedoc-wines1 Village de La Tourette Cabardes1 lac laprade A walk in the woods 2
Wine tasting at
local vineyards 
10 - 35mins
Hidden, perched 
medieval  villages with 
ancient churches 5 - 30 mins
       Relax or swim in in one of 6 tranquil mountain lakes 
20 - 35mins
Walk in the surrounding area
in some of the largest and most beautiful woods Franceall year!
imagesESM3CBCQ  DSC05761 copy
 Catharism was a dissident religion developed in the 13th century which spread to Languedoc. The Albigensian Crusade (1209) was 
a war fought against this Cather religion which was eradicated in the 14th century but you can still visit these castles today. 
The Cabardès was named after the Lords of Cabaret who defended the 4 Châteaux at Lastours against Simon de Montfort in 1209,
and the châteaux were a centre of Cather religious activity during the 13th century. 

The Montagne Noire is an unspoilt region where nature truly is at its best, and there really is something for everyone.

A weekend, a few days away or a week or two, for two or with the family or friends, there is so much to see

in this beautiful diverse region close to Carcassonne but away from the crush of tourists. 

'La Cite' at Carcassonne UNESCO site 1997 A fairy-tale castle: 52 towers, 3 kilometres of ramparts. It's the largest medieval city in Europe
Carcassonne Jousting 1 Carcassonne Fireworks1 lefestival1 Carcassonne carriage Carcassonne restaurant
 Jousting tournaments 
are held in August 
The largest firework display on Bastille Day July 14th 
held outside of Paris 
Summer Festival 2nd
week in June until
August 120 spectacles 
with 80 free concerts!
Carriage and
trains rides
Restaurants and 
bars & shops
in quaint
lanes and squares
Le Canal du Midi UNESCO site 1996 At 241 km long  it was considered to be one of the greatest construction works of the 17th century
  Flora &Fauna Quite country lanes lead you through
unspoilt countryside at every turn the views change
    Le Canal du Midi  Carcassonnne
         la Prise dAlzeau
           At Carcassonne
            La Prise d'Alzeau
Wild orchids (over 40 species), autumn and summer mushrooms, flowers
and herbs, birds; buzzards, egales and animals; wild boar, deer, badgers etc.
Medieval Châteaux Cather in the Cabardès See romantic medieval
Cather Chateaux, 'castles in the sky'...
Fishing There are several lakes and rivers nearby. 
hautpoul 1
Chateau Saissac
Lake st Denis
          Lastours 4 castles
           in a spectacular 
Hautpoul, small castle, 
museum and 
medieval garden.
           Saissac castle 
         dating from the
            960 & church
      Near to 6 mountain                          lakes
       Rivers criss-cross
            the region 

Medieval Villages-perchés-en-Montagne-Noire There are over 2000 hidden villages across the Mountain Noire.  

la tourette
Miraval Cabardes
MasCabardes Roquefere
St Anne's
church has an 
oval bell tower
                  a pretty
           mountain village
Mas-Cabardès church
in the Orbiel valley 
built on the site of a 
          Roquefere with 
         its X11th century
      Cubserviès hamlet 
    perched high up with 
        a 90m waterfall
Mountain lakes Where you can take walk, swim or relax and unwind with a picnic!   
lake 0841 DSC07352  Carcassonne Plage  Lac acro-branch Carcassonne lac laprade
        Lake Saint Férréol and 
  Canal du Midi museum 35 mins
          Lac des Montagnès
+ Aventure Park 20 mins
     Cavayere Lake near Carcassonne with 2 beaches 
                 + an acro-branch adventure park 35 mins
          Lake Laprade                      20 mins
Spectacular countryside Drive on traffic free country roads, walk in beautiful woods.
 Vue de la pic de nore
A Woodland walk in search of mushrooms
 forêt de la Loubatière copy
Sunflowers imagesCA4VZK9X
          Superb views from 
      Le Pic de Nore (1210m) 
          Paths cross-cross 
               the region
         a hikers paradise
      Rivers criss-cross
      the area and feed
      the Canal du Midi 
         Sunflowers of 
          the Cabardès
       Diverse scenery
Golf Paper mill Abbeys Museums  
golf 451x300 Brosses paper mill Abbey villelongue 1 Musée des Arts et Métiers du livre  musee albi
   4 Courses at Carcassonne, 
        Bézier, Mazamet 
             and Castres
At Brousses the last
paper mill in Languedoc 
with a botanical walk 10 mins
           A Cistercian
     Abbey at Villelongue                 23 mins
 Montolieu Book Village;
  + print Museum, arts and            crafts 20 mins
 Albi Toulouse-Lautrec   Museums + Cathedral     and shops 1h35 mins
Walks in the Cabardès
A calm region with unspoilt coutryside
Ellies photo of the Prise dAlzeau 020 Parc haut languedocc1 copy Oct 2011 mirepoix musrooms song evening 201 may june 2014 St denis 047 copy canal du midi2
                 Forests        Le Parc Regional
     du Haut Languedoc
Nearly 4000 km
of hiking trails.
              Lakes        Le Canal du Midi
Markets Vibrant markets piled high with fresh local produce
Market close by 1pm
Vide greniers From Spring till Autumn there are car
boot sales where you may still pick up a bargain! 
market 041 market5 Market Mirepoix marche Olonzac copy le-vide-greniers-Cuxac-Cabardes
   Carcassonne at
  Place Carnot on Saturday
23 mins
       Revel on Saturdays 
    one of the best in    
       France 45 mins     
    Mirepoix on Mondays
in the beautiful medieval 
     town square 1h
   Olonzac on Tuesday
traditional producers, fruit, 
vegetables, flowers 1h
  Sundays car boot sales
      in surrounding villages

Discover the Black Mountain on foot, by bike or on horseback!
Between Rigole and lakes, forests and waterfalls, go for unforgettable walks!

DSC05822 images4    cycling mushroom basket
Walk in unspoilt woods.
See nature awaking in spring,enjoy beautiful
summer walks
or amazing autumn colours
Cycling in the Cabardès
The Montagne Noir is a road cyclists' heaven offering challenging climbs,
high speed descents and gentle rolling terrain to spin out the legs on virtually
traffic free roads. Many professional teams from around the world choose to cycle and train in this region. A lot of VTT-routes and hiking routes are available. In the Montagne Noir you can enjoy the peacefulness and the fresh air. You pass many authentic villages that look as if time stood still....
Mushroom collecting
in the autumnin
the surrounding
unspoilt woods.
                                                                                     Le Parc Régional du Haut Languedoc
The Haut-Languedoc enjoys a privileged
geographical situation: with its wealth of lakes,
gorges, valleys, peaks, villages, and landscape.
Animal species such as the Bonelli's Eagle,
otters, bighorn sheep from Corsica, the Genet,
and bats are protected.
Among the plant species, are carnivore sundews,
and wild orchids.
Parc national du haut languedoc
Parc haute-languedoc walks
Plants Sundew-IMG 12991
         Variety and diversity
     Walks and excursions
  Carnivore plants 
Annual Events 
Just some of the events that take place
Stars at Night
                                                               The night sky 

Light pollution is low away from the bight lights, so you can see ten times as many stars as you would in many other parts of Europe.

This year, the Nights of the Stars will take place on 7, 8 and 9 August 2016.

                       Fetes  Summer in the South of France is full of festivals and fairs, there are hundreds the French need no excuse!!
Marche cherr1
Fete du melon
fete du 1
Marche loignon-
Cherry Fete at Trausse 
3rd weekend in May 
Melon Fete at
Pezens 3rd
weekend in July
Cassoulet Fete lasts 5 days at Castelnaudary
the 3rd week in August
Onion Fete at Citou 1st weekend in
Chestnut, Wine & Lamb  
Fete, at Villardonnel 
1st weekend in November
Limoux Lastours Montolieu Lastours Carcassonne
Limoux carnival Lastours light show Montolieu art day Sep Lastours archery Oct 001 copy
The world’s longest 
carnival every
January to March
A sound and light show 
in July/August
Artists day; 
3rd weekend 
in September

Archery contest 
1st weekend in
Wine Festival of
end of the 2nd week
in October
European Heritage Days. The 3rd weekend 17 & 18 September 
jour Mazamet Cathare mussum Garden bouichere1 Aragon capitelle1 Chateau Saissac
Visits Free of charge;  Museums Gardens Dry stone capitals Chateaux 
Farm to farm. Open day in La Montagne Noire. The first weekend in October
 Ferme en ferme ferme chevre1 Farm cerf1 Farm olives 1 Farm lamas 1
Visit local farms, and 
taste their produce
 Chevrerie du Colombier 
Goat Farm
Picarel le Haut Saissac
Deer Farm
Le Moulin de Fontes 
Olive Farm
Les Lamas de la
Montagne Noire
The Magic of Christmas at Carcassonne and La Cite
From the 1st weekend in December till the 1st weekend in January there is a full programme
NOEL Carcassonne1 Marche de Noel Noel Noel Flambeaux marche-au-gras1
La Magie de Noel.
On Christmas Eve, 
share in the magic 
of the fireworks
Markets at Carcassonne.
Explore the streets with
fair rides, performers, 
concerts and dance.
Ice skating in Carcassonne 
at Place Carnot, and a
sledging slope.
Fête de la Saint-Nicolas.
Torch light parade from 
La Cite to Carcassonne
6th December.
 Carcassonne lively
Christmas markets 
featuring regional
produce and crafts.
Truffles Markets 'Black Gold' of the Montagne Noire in Cather Country
Truffle markets are held from December to March (the Black winter truffle, it is the Queen of truffles...) + one in June. 
The best market is the wine and truffle market at Moussoulens held the 3rd Sunday in January it is the largest truffle-and wine-based festival and gastronomic day in Languedoc-Roussillon.
Ever wanted to learn about truffles; demonstrations, tasting and auctions, buy if you dare!
Truffles 1    Truffles 2    Truffles 3 

  The truffle is the result of the fruiting body of an underground mushroom (Hypogeal). By Mid-October, the truffles have reached their final size,    and the truffle growers harvest them from December to March. Three villages Villeneuve-Minervois, Cabrespine and Trassanel make up an                                                                                     area known as The Golden Triangle


                                                                                                Truffles Markets 2016-17


                                                    The markets start in the mornings and truffle the auctions happen at 11.30am prompt. 

Saturday 15 December 2018 'Truffes et Terrior' Moussoulens                  21 min
Saturday 22 December 2019 'Truffes et Terrior' Talairan                      1h14 min
Friday      29 December 2019 'Truffes et Terrior' Villeneuve-Minervois     29 min
Friday 27 December 2018 'Truffes et Terrior' Moussoulens                  21 min
Saturday 12 January 2019 'Truffes et Terrior' Talairan                      1h14 min
Saturday 19 January 2019 'Truffes et Terrior' Villeneuve-Minervois     29 min
Sunday 27 January 2019 Ampélofofies du Cabardès with local products (auctions 14.30) Mousslens                      21 min
Saturday  2 Febuary2019 'Truffes et Terrior' Talairan                      1h14 min
Saturday  9 Febuary 2019  "Nuit de la Truffe" Villeneuve-Minervois     29 min
Sunday 10 March 2019 'Truffes et Patrimonie' Cabrespine                     38 min
Samedi     24 June2017              Marché aux Truffes fête d'été et du Terroir                                      Roullens               40 min



              The fête of Cuxac-Cabardès is held mid August (dates for 2019 to be confirmed)

                                                 In August Cuxac-Cabardès comes alive with the largest fete in the Cabardès
                                                                   lasting 4/5 days until the early hours of the morning. 
                                                           It takes place just below our house; it is noisy but fun!
                                                                                 Evening of Tapas & band
                                                                                         Pétanque & dance  
                                                                                            Diner, cabaret & dance
                                                                    Pétanque & spectacular fire work display 
 Children can also enjoy the small funfair open in the afternoons and evenings.
Diner, cabare t & danceALL ARE WELCOME! We can book your ticket for the meal for you,
all this for about €15...
August 2013 008  fete 2015 copy Aout 2013  firworks 077   August 2012 143
Diner, cabaret & dance
There is a village meal with local specialities;
A 3 course meal: Cassoulet or paella etc. and wine, whilst
watching 2 hour spectacular Cabaret show!
The evening finishes with a disco and dance till the early hours!
ALL ARE WELCOME! We can reserve your tickets for you.
All this for about 15€ 
          There is an amazing firework display, it finishes
                    with an embrace of the old village ramparts,
         depicting the burning of the Cather villages during the 
                              Cather Crusade (1209 - 1229)
 Chez ProvidencChambres et Table d’Hôtes Studio
 9 rue de la Piala, 11390 Cuxac-Cabardès, Aude, France.
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If you need to arrive or depart outside of these times please let us know in advance.

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